Saturday, April 20, 2013

Media Technolofy Reflection

Get Creative in School with Digital Media

This article was written by Julie Nightingale and discusses the use of digital media in UK classrooms. Because this article is based off UK classrooms, the statistics do not necessarily correlate to American classrooms. However, much of the information in the article can be applicable to American classrooms. Nightingale claims that the creative capacities of students need to be addressed more within the classroom. She says this is so important because employment in the creative industries has steadily increased even in the difficult economic times. Nightingale believes that incorporating media technology into the classroom can help flourish the student’s creativity. At a school in Britain, students spend entire school days learning how to use video, animation, and digital imaging. The teachers claim that the incorporation of digital media into the classroom has helped all different types of students flourish. One of the teachers said, "One student, one of the lowest ability boys I've ever taught, couldn't really read and write properly and staff spent more time talking to him about his behavior than his work. He particularly flourished when I gave him control of the tools and told him that he could actually teach himself.” The goal of this school is to incorporate creativity into the curriculum and connect it to real-world applications. The way they incorporate creativity is through the use of technology. The school has been manipulated to form something like a town with student-ran companies, a town council (student council, and even a bank. In one project, one of the student-ran companies had to sponsor a charity. Through the use of digital media, the students created commercials and a website and things of this sort to set up a campaign for the charity.

I found this article to be very interesting. I agree that creativity needs to be addressed more frequently within classrooms. I believe that it is a disadvantage of the students to decrease funding for art classes. Unfortunately, this is often the case for schools who are receiving a decrease in funds. For this reason, I do believe that core subject teachers need to incorporate creativity more within their classrooms. However, I do not necessarily believe that creativity is something that can be taught. I believe that all students have their own unique abilities. Some students may succeed in academics, some in arts, some in athletics, and so forth. However, it is the school’s responsibility to supply students with the resources to help them succeed. I believe that incorporating digital media into the classroom is an excellent way for students to combine their interests with their academics. Digital media allows students to explore various topics through a wide array of different resources. This also can allow students to guide their own learning and creates a more authentic learning environment. For this reason, I plan on incorporating projects like the one described above in my own classroom.

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